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Thank you for this fascinating account.


biggest bullshit there is , his parents were pro nazi, so was he. he was a person who hated anything colored and died during a carcrash intoxicated with 3 times the amount of alchol allowed driving 120 mph on a road where 50 is alllowed.
it was a sneaky lawyer who knew just how to get to the edge of racism. common in Austria and Vienna. ( still now ).

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Well, to be fair, Haider should not be held responsible for his parents' political leanings. It is never fair to judge a person based on opinions of their parents. And he was going 88 mph, not 120. There is a difference.


Hey, I just stumbled in here. My mom was born in Vienna, a Jew.

BTW I am anti-Zionist. And I love Eastern Europe.

I'll throw this into the ether. No need to discredit any human being. But no need, either, to get weepy over a right wing figure of this sort.

Austrians need to get over their more-Hitler-than-Hitler preoccupation.

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