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Neo Politicus

You sick fuck.

Somehow the News Media has managed to convince Americans that the Democrats are good for the economy.

But much worse than that is their redefinition of the sick hypocrisy of Liberalism.

"The War'' - THE LIBERATION OF IRAQ - only turned into a Terrorist insurgency because the Sunnis knew they had a chance to win: kill enough American soldiers and Iraqis and the US will cut and run - just like they have in every other major engagement since Korea.

And guess what? Finally the Sunnis realized that Bush wouldn't run from Iraq - so what did they do? They changed sides and are now our "allies." Is that a great victory for Liberal ideals?

Now potential Terrorist everywhere know that, at the very least, they can murder whomever they want and if they don't win outright, they can change sides at the last minute.

We are now giving money, aid, and arms to Terrorists who murdered thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis. People who will start murdering again if they think they have something more to gain.

That's what the sick hypocrisy of Liberalism leads to.

Now Obama wants us to believe that McCain will be bad for national security?

How long before Obama starts talks with the Taleban so that he can declare "Peace with Honor" and unilaterally withdraw our troops? (It will be next fall - after the summer campaign season.) What kind of sick hypocrisy would condemn an entire country to that kind of an existence in the name of "Peace"? The same hypocrisy that condemned the South Vietnamese to life under a Communist Oligarchy.

If you turn your back on Terrorism you're worse than a Terrorist - because you're what makes them possible.

It's too late to save this generation - or the next - from the sickness infecting Western Civiliation - but after our economies start crumbing, our cities start burning, and Terrorists start killing our children in our streets then maybe the average people in this country will realize who our real enemies are - and that we can't defeat the enemies abroad until we exterminate our enemies here.

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