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Brenda Saleh

"It was a short piece about loneliness, finding an other and then having to share him."

If you didn't see that in the piece, I take it as a compliment because it wasn't ment to be like that. I am sorry that you didn't read the programm-book, or didn't understand. My choreography was about:
(translated from german)

"going thru different faces in life, in wich we almost loose faith and hope. We don't see the beauty in life anymore and get trapped in a imaginary dark circle. It's important to know that life at anytime can take a possitive change."

There was no such thing as "having to share him".

" I felt Ms. Saleh did not seem able to emote adequately to the grand theme - life - she wished to cover. Her loneliness did not move me as much as it could have."

The duration of the pieces were limited this year, we were told that it could be around 10 minutes, I used 9 and a half of them. I agree that a theme as LIFE is almost impossible to capture in this small amound of time. I think even a full-lenght-ballet could not capture it because it is so complicated. That's why I based it on MY life, a period of 3 months. Maybe the title: "About a small part of my personal life" would have been better? I don't think so, that's why I chose the title "About life". Some people can identify better with my story then others, because we don't all go tru the same things in life (thank God!).
If you were not moved by it, it's a good sign for you I guess, because it means that you have no identification with what my piece is telling you. I knew it would be impossible to move everyone, or many, but if only one person in the audience was (and there were some) then I am satisfied.

I thank you very much for your nice photo's and your review, it's always good to have feedback and to learn from for the future.

Brenda Saleh


Hello Brenda,

Thanks very much for stopping by. I didn't know you were limited this year in length. I agree with you ten minutes isn't a long time to develop a substantial piece. I'd been told that length had been a choreographer's choice.

In terms of title, rather than talking about life, you should name it "Three Months" or "Break to Light". The grandiloquent title gets you into deep water.

Thanks for clarifying about the theme. This year, as Choreolab was in St Pölten, I could only see the pieces once and photograph them at the same time. Normally I try to come twice. It's possible to see something else or more in two viewings, the first without camera. Good luck with your future work - hopefully the next Choreolab will allow longer pieces and one of them will be yours.

Cordial regards, Alec

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