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I'm the author of phpSitemapNG, got your website because of the referers of your visitors.

Just a note to the wildcard problem: you can just put the filename and/or directory that should be excluded in the list - without any wildcard.
E.g. if you would like to exclude all urls in the directory http://domain.com/admin/, you would add admin/ to the "exclude directories" list. Similar to the filename and the keys of an url.

If you have more questions regarding this (or phpSitemapNG in common), just ask me and I'll try my best to answer your questions.

Best regards,


Hey Tobias,

Thanks for stopping by. Good to know for the exclude directories issue.

Drop by again when the performance issues are also under control. Then you will have a real winner.

Best of luck with phpSitemapNG - a wonderful contribution to the web.



Readers may like to note that many hosts have banned phpSitemapNG from their servers. Mine says 'for reasons related to server stability and security'.


Hey Steve,

Thanks for the info.

With a different PHP script (one for tracking spiders), I got into a lot of trouble with my own webhosts. The scripts were crippling the server (we have SSH access so I could see what was going on) - I didn't know they were ours.

One should be very, very careful what one uploads onto one's site. In most cases, one is travelling in shared hosting in the end. As when one is in public transport, one should take care to bathe and dress in clean clothes for the comfort of the other passengers.

Cheers, Alec


hi tobias,

im using ur sitemap gen, it works like a charm!!! i just dont know how to set it up as a cron job.

can u please tell me how to do that???
kindly mail me at

utkarsh2012 [at] gmail [dot] com


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