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John Koetsier

Very cool ... I'm downloading and trying it out right now ...

Sam Cortney

I have been using iGTD for a couple of weeks now. I lost my addictive Palm on a flight from Taipei to Tokyo, never replaced it. Have had a Palm since 1995, considering a few options other than a Palm as I am a Mac user and the Palm desktop software is ugly and so dated. Thinking I am heading back to pen and paper, the simple "black book". Simple is best. As I well over a dozen websites to oversee, a simple page per website keeps me organized and focused. Check out www.eslspider.com or www.healthyexpat.com if you are seeking an ESL job or expat health insurance.



Hello Sam,

So how are you enjoying iGTD?

I agree - the Palm sync issues with Mac were one of the reasons I finally abandoned mine (I think I managed to lose data three or four times before I finally had enough - with paper one experiences far less data loss, although important information does need to exist in electronic backup as well).

I was surprised by the amount of AdSense on your websites. For me it made them basically unreadable. I don't know whether your revenue streams are AdSense based or from product but to improve useability you should cut way back on the AdSense.

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