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I used Odesk.com for a while, until I got boned pretty good by a programmer on there. posted a little job before I went to bed, the next day, the guy had logged 16 hours against my account on something that was completely different than what I asked for. I logged a dispute and Odesk.com took my money anyway. Their policy is not to "review the quality of the provider's work". Which is a cop-out I think. Such a bait-and-switch is typically illegal. So I got cheated on Odesk.com

I've canceled my odesk.com account and advise you try a different service provider.


It cuts both ways...Do not use ODesk, unless you are doing everything online. We had a buyer dispute our work, after doing the preliminary work offline and he told us to continue offline, he disputed our hours, Odesk says we owe a refund. To bad the buyer implemented our work on his website, and has left it there for the last month. If you don't pay for the product, you should not get the product.

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